giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Three questions to Fabrizio Bilancioni: the Rimini Bike Hotels President (by Primoz Kalisnik-Delo)

The Delo journalist Primoz Kalisnik has interviewed the Rimini Bike Hotels President Fabrizio Bilancioni about riviera tourism, the bike projects...and so on
Rimini Riviera is a huge vacation resort, traditionally for tourist who are not so active regarding sport recreation: When and why did you get idea about starting cycling tourism? "Rimini Riviera is a popular holiday resort, known also for its large offer of sport events. Our mission is to enlarge the opening period of our hotels in the low season (march-april-may-september-october-november)"
How was idea accepted with normal Rimini hotels and how hard was for them to turn in to cycling hotels, how high were costs for them? "Most of the hotel owners of RBH are cycling enthusiasts, so it was natural for them to connect both situations of job and passion. The original Rimini Hotels are runned by people who love their land, and are the best key to discover all nature and cultural treasures. We believe that cycling ist a fantastic way to get this throught".
How you intend to compete with other touristic destinations, with nearby Riccione and with Toscana, who are wll known as cxcling resorts? "We are working to give an attractive alternative, do not forget the roads behind our coast have seen the training sessions of Marco Pantani. We also intend to improving the MTB and trekking offers, for example promoting events like Adriatic Coast calender ( with more than 15 MTB-events for April to October"

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